What services do you offer?
O’Neil Landscape Design is a full service landscaping company which specializes in creating naturalistic outdoor environments.   We
offer a range of services from one -on-one consultations and gardening guidance, to maintaining and care of our installations.  We
strive for quality in our work and feel the best proof is through the word of our loyal customers.  Please refer to some of the
testimonials from real customers that have trusted in our abilities to transform their properties.

What is your design process and how is it different from other companies?
The process of design begins at the very first meeting with a client. It is very important to listen to the customer in order to understand their
needs and desires. Every property is different and every situation is unique. With a strong back ground in design, horticulture and construction,
O’Neil Landscape Design is able to successfully transform any landscape. A successful design is one where all of the practical details are met
while implementing the work in an aesthetic manner, within a firm budget.

Describe your planning process?
We will typically prepare a proposal for landscape design services based on the information we receive during the initial on-site meeting
with the prospective client. These include necessary measurements, soil samples and further on-site analysis. However, if the job
requires greater detail in planning, we can prepare a master landscape plan. A master plan will include an initial meeting, two preliminary
design reviews and a final presentation of the master plan, including planting plans, plant lists and proposal for installation services. We can
also curtail the planning phase as needed. For example, in addition to a general proposal, a customer may request the planting plan while
foregoing the entire master plan process. We are happy to work with our clients in the level of detail they will require.

Why is the construction phase so important?
There are unique factors that need to be considered when working with New England soils; it is very important to plan and prepare for site
installation, according to the existing characteristics of the soil. In the winter months, the freeze and thaw cycle can often lead to heaving of organic matter within the ground. In time, this can deform or destroy an otherwise beautifully installed job. Therefore, in order to protect your investment,
it is essential to analyze the site conditions and make a determination of whether proper excavation and importing of non organic dense base
material will be necessary. Another very important aspect of the site preparation is groundwater management. We are able to control ground and surface water by engineering appropriate drainage systems as fit for the site. In some cases simple land forming techniques will be sufficient for
intentional water diversion, while other sustainable methods, such as underground rainwater storage is also possible.

Tell me more about the installation process?
The installation process begins on a scheduled date which is booked as soon as we receive the signed proposal agreement letter, along
with the appropriate deposit.  An experienced, supervised crew will remain on-site through the entire process and will not declare
completion until the customer is 100% satisfied.  Just as it is important during the planning phase, communication with the client is ongoing.
We want to make sure the customer knows exactly what the process entails and we want them to be witness to every phase.  Photographs
are taken before, during and after every job. 

What is your care and maintenance policy?
It is important that our intentions succeed.  We want our designs to thrive and standout over the years.  This is why O’Neil Landscape Design
offers multi-year maintenance programs for new garden and property design installation.  We can arrange general property maintenance service
for spring and fall cleanups, to multi-year visits, as needed.  We also offer weekly lawn cutting to our regular customers.