Todd seemed to come to this project instinctively knowing exactly what we had in mind. After a couple of brief
discussions, during which we consulted photos and websites, we let Todd simply do what he thought would be
best; I consider him to be an artist, and didn’t want to get in his way.

Execution was quick, on-time, within budget. This says a lot; my wife and I had to be out of town for virtually all of it.
We left the day material was delivered, and returned to an essentially-finished landscape. I expect that this was
nerve-wracking for Todd and his crew at best!

But we were delighted. The outcome is both simple and glorious. Walking from our front door down to the driveway through
the new landscape is a daily pleasure and adventure, both winter and summer. We couldn’t be more pleased.  I’ve had Todd
do two additional installations last summer, and we’re now talking about a kitchen garden and the back of the house.

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